SUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems)

A low cost solution for high resolution data

Part 107 compliant, full-service enterprise sUAS provider, fully licensed and insured

UAV Technology

It’s all about perspective

Capturing a bird’s-eye view of the world, UAVs allow us to extend the use of technology to better understand the relationships between spatial observations. The ESRGC’s sUAS services are relevant across multiple industries and disciplines, from agriculture and forestry to infrastructure and disaster relief.

Flight Planning

All sUAS operations start with flight planning. From determining flight altitude for the desired resolution, to acquiring airspace authorization, the flight planning phase is critical in capturing quality data with confidence.

Site Inspection

Safe, cost-effective alternatives to conducting infrastructure inspections. UAV-assisted inspections keep personnel on the ground and take a fraction of the time normally required.


Capturing overlapping images creates a detailed, accurate, and geometrically corrected photo mosaic. These products can be leveraged for a countless number of projects, such as feature extraction, post-disaster damage assessments, infrastructure management, conservation, agriculture, and more.


Capturing overlapping images across multiple vantage points to generate a three-dimensional reconstruction of the terrain. This product offers high resolution elevation data that is cost-effective in comparison to traditional aerial LiDAR systems.


Discover, interpret, and communicate patterns in your data. Maximize return on investment by leveraging deliverable products. Extract features and new GIS datasets from your imagery. Utilize these results to add value to your project, drive decision making and deploy solutions.

Targeted Agriculture

Diagnose potential or existing problems using UAV technology; such as optimizing irrigation efficiency, identifying crop damage and field uniformities, and forecasting crop yield and plant heights.