City of Salisbury Stormwater Field Review

The ESRGC provided assistance to the City of Salisbury in their effort to identify differences between the City of Salisbury’s existing GIS stormwater asbuilt based features and field collected data in a pilot area. Existing stormwater features were created by digitizing engineering asbuilts and are used to maintain and manage the stormwater utilities in Salisbury. Field testing included to use of a GPS for geographic accuracy, measurements of inverts and diameters, rim elevation, and material. A City of Salisbury employee capable of opening stormwater features will accompanied the ESRGC in the field to provide access to features, confirm material types, and verify elevations.

GPS, field tablet, and collection tool (ArcCollector) were provided by the City of Salisbury.


Date Completed

October 2019


  • City of Salisbury


  • GIS
  • Stormwater
  • Asset Management