Oklahoma Education Statistics,

The Training dashboard features sophisticated filtering options: Institution, Geographic, Program, and Degree Type.
  • Institution – This filter option allows the user to explore a single institution in detail. To apply this filter touch any of the orange institution markers on the map and select ‘See data for this school’. The dashboard will update to show data for this institution.
  • Geographic - This filter option allows the user to compare all of the education opportunities available in a particular geography. To apply this filter, turn off the institution markers in the upper right hand corner of the map. Select the desired geography from the map list (State, Region, County) and turn the institutions markers on to see the institutions in that geography. The subsequent bar charts will update to show training data for the selected geography
  • Program – This filter option allows the user to explore a particular education program such as Biology or Nursing. To apply this filter, type the name of the program into the white program box on the map and touch ‘Go’. The program box also has an auto-fill function which generates a list of specific programs as the user types. To utilize this feature begin typing a program name in the program box, choose one from the list and touch ‘Go’. To remove this filter touch the X in the program box.
  • Degree Type – This filter option allows users to explore the types of degree options available. To apply this filter touch a degree type label in the “Education Statistics” chart. This particular filter can be used in conjunction with all the other filters listed above to further refine the dashboard.
  • When filters are applied the chart sub-labels change to show how the data is being filtered.
  • To remove filters at any time, select the State geography.
  • Rolling over the chart bars reveals further chart-specific details such as the program or institution name, statistics, etc.
  • The i buttons located at the bottom right of each chart provide further explanation of the chart and links to external data sources when appropriate.
  • Chart source information is located at the bottom center of each chart